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 Eastern Townships Cemeteries > Megantic County > Saint Luke Cemetery

Saint Luke Cemetery
East Broughton, Megantic County, Quebec

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From Thetford Mines continue East on Route 112 to Robertsonville. Stay on Route 112 East for another few miles until you get to East Broughton. After the traffic light watch for 10th Ave on your left. Turn on this street and keep going right out of town until you reach the end of the road. The cemetery is in front of you.

This old cemetery has seen better days but it is kept mowed and trimmed. There are many slabs and rocks as burial markers so for sure there are many more buried here than the few stones we transcribed. There is a sign and a fence and gate. The cemetery was used from about 1834-1918.

We last visited and photographed this cemetery on Jul 10, 2016.

Leslie Nutbrown  []

Legend: (CR) - church record

Total Records: 17

Fraser, Archibald; d. 1894, husband of Mary Ann Stewart
Fraser, John; d. 17 Aug 1887, aged 65 yrs
Fraser, Margaret; b. 16 Dec 1859, d. 5 Apr 1861, daughter of John & Agnes
Fraser, Robert; d. 10 Aug 1859, aged 32 yrs, son of A. & M. A.
Frasier, ?, d. 29 Apr 1882, aged 2m 15d, child of Andrew & Agnes
Gillander, David Jr., b. 22 Apr 1854, d. 16 Feb 1882, aged 28y 9m 11d
Hopper, Asa; b. 7 Nov 1875 Broughton, Quebec, d. 8 Jul 1876, aged 8m
Hopper, Clara; b. 14 Dec 1877 Broughton,Quebec, d. 14 Feb 1879
Hopper, Emma; b. 5 Aug 1870 Broughton, Quebec, d.15 Feb 1871
Law, Joseph; d. 26 Mar 1864, aged 3 wks
Machell, Frank; b. 21 Jan 1871, d. 25 Jan 1918, (CR)
McKeage, Robert; d. 20 Aug 1892, aged 80 yrs
McKeage, William; d. ?, son of Matilda A. Roberts ?
Rinehart, Ann; d. 28 ? 1873, aged 3? yrs, wife of John Johnston
Rinehart, Sarah; b. 8 Dec 1834 Broughton, d. 26 Dec 1877 Broughton,  wife of Rodger Hopper
Stewart, Mary Ann; wife of Archibald Fraser
Watson, William; d. 29 Aug 1871, aged 70y 8m, a native of Newcastle, England


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