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Old Hereford Cemetery
Hereford, Compton County, Quebec

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Location: From Coaticook take Route 147 south to Route 141. Continue for some 20 km passing Lake Wallace and go almost to the very end of the road. Just before reaching the Quebec-Vermont border which you can see in the distance and just after the All Saints Anglican Church and cemetery, take Owen Road on your left toward East Hereford. Only go a short distance until the pavement ends. Then take a right into the woods on an unimproved road. The cemetery is on your right across from the boarded up old schoolhouse.

Notes: This old cemetery with its scattered stones is in good shape considering it is generally isolated and unknown from most people. It has a fence and a gate. Most of the stones are legible and the cemetery is kept mowed.  It appears to have been used from about 1850 to 1926.

Susan Nutbrown and I walked and read this cemetery in June 2006 and made a complete recording from all legible tombstones and markers.


 Leslie Nutbrown   []
 Total records: 35
 Legend: s/w = shares a stone with someone

Biglow, Emily F., d. 21 Jun 1897, age: 82y 3m, wife of Ezra
Biglow, Ezra C., d. 9 Jul 1867, age: 3m 8d, son of Joseph & Phebe
Biglow, Ezra, d. 22 Apr 1877, age: 74yrs
Biglow, Fred, d. 5 Oct 1864, age: 9m 14d, son of Joseph & Phebe
Biglow, Guy H., d. 26 Oct 1874, age: 1y 24d, son of Horace & Ella
Biglow, Horace, b. 1836, d. 1919, s/w & husband of Ella Haynes
Biglow, Jennie E., d. 20 Apr 1866, age: 14m 8d, daughter of Joseph & Phebe
Biglow, Josiah, d. 8 Sep 1867, age: 27yrs
Biglow, Minnie E., d. 27 Oct 1874, age: 3y 10m 16d, daughter of Horace & Ella
Brown, Cornelius, d. 4 Sep 1867, age: 75yrs
Brown, Elizabeth, d. 2 Mar 1868, age: 84yrs, wife of Cornelius
Brown, Isaac B., d. 2 Jan 1855, age: 35yrs
Dwinal, Mary Jane, d. 5 Apr 1868, age: 2y 6m 22d, daughter of Charles & Lucinda
Ellis, Mary, b. 1840, d. 1858
Ellis, Sarah, b. 9 Oct 1815, d. ?
Ellis, William, b. 1814, d. 1891
Gray, Derinde, d. 26 May 1864, age: 6y 8m, daughter of Gustavus & Rachel
Haynes, Cynthia Adelade, d. 6 Aug 1852, age: 4y 3m 18d, daughter of Timothy & Rhoda
Haynes, Ella F., b. 1850, d. 1926, s/w & wife of Horace Biglow
Haynes, Idyl Madora, d. 7 Jan 1860, age: 3y 1m 19d, daughter of Timothy & Rhoda
Haynes, Timothy N., b. 1808, d. 1898
Howe, Justin, no dates
Howe, Tilly, a small cross with the date 1790
Parish, James, d. 5 Mar 1902, age: 58yrs
Rowell, David S., d. no date, s/w Elizabeth
Rowell, Elizabeth, d. no date, s/w David
Rowell, Erwin, d. 20 Aug 1864, age: 30yrs
Rowell, Freeman, d. 22 Feb 1855, age: 3y 11m 9d, son of Welman & Hannah
Rowell, Hiram A., d. 23 Nov 1867, age: 26y 1m 14d
Rowell, Rhoda, d. 29 oct 1884, age: 73y 15d, wife of Timothy Haynes
Straw, Aurillae, b. 1834, d. 1872, s/w Oscar
Straw, Elva E., b. 1862, d. 1872, s/w & daughter of Oscar & Aurillae
Straw, Oscar, b. 1834, d. 1864, s/w Aurillae
Woodrow, Clarissa Ann, d. 27 Mar 1852, age: 19m, daughter of James & Harriet
Workman, Sarah Knox, d. 2 Aug 1852, age: 2y 5m, daughter of Aaron & Margaret