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Lovell / Fletcher Cemetery
Barnston, Stanstead County, Quebec

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Location:  From the town of Barnston at the Junction of Route 147 and Chagnon Road, take Chagnon Road for 2 km. The cemetery is on your left.

Notes: This cemetery is in a farmer's pasture. I got permission from the owner who willingly let me cross although I do not know if he speaks English as I spoke French with him. Beware of the electric fence which you must cross over to get to the cemetery, and watch for cows or horses in the pasture.

This cemetery has been repaired by the Barnston Heritage Cemetery Association. It is sometimes referred to in church records as Fletcher Cemetery, and located on the old Fletcher farm. 

I walked and read this cemetery in June of 2005. Updated December 2014.

 Leslie Nutbrown  []
 Total records: 21
Legend: s/w= shares a stone with one or more people

??, ??, d. 2 Aug 1860, age: 37y 5m, died at Dallas City, Illinois, top of stone missing
Bullock, Rectina, d. 16 Feb 1870, age: 72yrs, s/w & wife of Isaac Merriman
Dearborn, Charles,d. 25 Apr 1906, aged 76 yrs

Dearborn, Roswell, d. 3 Feb 1888, son of Charles & Mary

Dearborn, Willie, d. 16 Mar 1867, son of Charles  Mary

Hanson, Mary, d. 28 May 1864, age: 68yrs, s/w & wife of William Lovell
Hanson, Micajah, d. Sep 1877 age 77yrs
Lovell, Betsey E., d. 13 Nov 1889, age: 65yrs, wife of Samuel Morgan
Lovell, Ella L., d. 11 Jul 1895, age: 23yrs, daughter of W. H. & O. H.
Lovell, John, d. 5 May 1888, age: 63yrs, s/w & husband of Annis Merriman
Lovell, Josie, d. no date, age: 9yrs, daughter of A. W. Lovell
Lovell, Minnie, d. 2 Mar 1879, age: 6yrs, daughter of A. W. Lovell
Lovell, Nettie, d. 9 Oct 1868, age: 8y 9m, daughter of A. W. Lovell
Lovell, Walter H., d. 10 Mar 1889, age: 54yrs
Lovell, William, d. 28 Mar 1875, age: 85yrs, s/w & husband of Mary Hanson
Merriman, Annis H., d. 22 Mar 1885, age: 59yrs, s/w & wife of John Lovell
Merriman, Arty W., d. 10 Feb 1885, age: 57yrs, wife of H. Lovell
Merriman, Isaac, d. 6 Nov 1856, age: 62yrs, s/w & husband of Rectina Bullock
Morgan, Curtis O., d. 5 Apr 1891, age: 41yrs
Morgan, Samuel D., d. 12 Jul 1897, age: 73y 4m, wife of Betsey Lovell
Ward, Erle Otis, d. 11 Aug 1899, age: 13yrs, son of Charles O. & Clara A. Ward