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Horn Cemetery
Baldwin's Mills, Stanstead County, Quebec

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Location:   From the village of Baldwin's Mills, take Cabana Street in the direction of Coaticook. After about 3km turn left on Levesque Road. This is a steep hill and the cemetery is about half way on the right side going down the hill. 

This old cemetery has quite a few markers and unmarked stone slabs indicating there are more buried here than the tombstones would indicate. It is maintained by the Barnston Heritage Cemetery Corporation. There is a fence and a gate. The headstones date from 1850 to 1911.

I walked and read this cemetery Nov 25, 2006 and did a complete recording of all legible tombstones.


 Leslie Nutbrown  []
 Total records = 88

Aldrich, Bezar, b. 19 Dec 1832, d. 20 Jan 1908, husband of Lovina Horn
Aldrich, Lucy A., b. 24 Aug 1836, d. 25 Apr 1880, wife of Furton Hill
Aldrich, Rosa L., d. 25 Jan 1870, age: 5y, daughter of B. & L.
Bullock, Mary, d. 7 Jun 1881, age: 61y
Gibson, James, d. 20 Sep 1882, age: 64y
Gibson, John W., d. 7 Jan 1894, age: 44y 5m 19d
Hill, Furton, b. 28 May 1845, d. 3 Apr 1911, husband of Lucy Aldrich
Hill, Hauly, d. Nov 1853
Hill, Lydia, d. 18 Feb 1850, wife of Hauly Hill
Horn, Allen, no dates, stone has sunk
Horn, Elizabeth, d. 20 May 1872, age: 28y, wife of Charles Adams
Horn, George E., d. 5 Apr 1883, age: 34y 4m
Horn, Lovina, b. 31 Aug 1833, d. ?, wife of Bezar Aldrich
Horn, Norman, b. 17 Mar 1837, d. 10 Dec 1909, husband of Loella Kinney
Kinney, Loella A., b. 23 Jun 1835, d. 14 Apr 1880, wife of Norman Horn
Littlejohn, Guy V., d. ?, son of S. W. & E. L., stone is sunk
Littlejohn, S. W., b. 28 Dec 1828, d. 25 Aug 1901
Lyon, Floyed P., d. 12 Jul 1903, age: 2y 2m 8d, son of Alex & Annie
Pratt, Charles H., d. 24 Apr 1871, age: 3y 6m, son of Orrin & Mary
Pratt, John E., d. 4 Sep 1900, age: 19y 16d, son of Orrin & Mary
Pratt, Mary L., d. 13 Nov 1887, age: 16y 3m, daughter of Orrin & Mary
Pratt, Mrs. J., no dates
Spencer, Maude E., d. 11 Jul 1873, age: 3y 5m, daughter of L. & S.
Stevens, E. C., d. 11 Sep 1871, age: 20y, wife of John Horn