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Hayes Cemetery
Bromont, Shefford County, Quebec



Location: Shefford Boulevard, Bromont, Quebec.

Bromont is approximately 72 km. from Montreal, drive east on the Autoroute #10 towards Sherbrooke, take exit 78, turn right onto Blvd Bromont, left on Blvd. Shefford. Drive towards Waterloo, and you'll see this little cemetery on the side of the highway.

Hayes Cemetery is small family cemetery, no longer in use today. Some of the stones have been replaced. Most of them are very old but in excellent condition for their age.

Marjorie-Anne Smith and I compiled this from tombstone inscriptions in the summer of 2005.

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Total records: 16

Berry, James,
d. Jan 9, 1816, age: 79y
Brown, Nancy Hayes, d. Dec 26, 1821, age: 29y, consort of Jonathan Brown
Ebell, Isabella Hayes, b. Oct 30, 1829, d. Nov 13 1907, wife of R. Ebell
Ebell, R., b. Jun 22 1833, d. Jan 6, 1913, husband of Isabella Hayes
Hayes, Dudley, d. Aug 8, 1846, age: 2y 8m 1d
Hayes, Henry, d. Jan 10, 1801, age: 21y 11m 21d
Hayes, Jane Graves, b. Sept 10, 1799, d. Nov 17, 1869, wife of S. B. Hayes
Hayes, Orcelia A. Cooley, b. Mar 6, 1837, d. Dec 5, 1884, wife of Peter E. D. Hayes
Hayes, Peter , d. Jan 2 1834, age: 78y 10m, husband of Sarah Derey
Hayes, Peter E. D., b. Sept 27, 1835, d. Mar 11, 1911, husband of Orcelia A. Cooley
Hayes, Sarah Derey, d. Apr 10 1837, wife of Peter Hayes
Hayes, Sarah, d. Apr 10, 1839, age: 77y, wife of Peter Hayes
Hayes, Stephen B., b. Nov 24 1796, d. Jun 29, 1883
Keneson, Bethaney Hayes, d. Dec 25, 1837, age: 44y 9m 10d, wife of Benjamin Keneson
Keneson, Sarah Hayes, d. May 14, 1869, age: 82y 4m 28d, wife of Joseph Keneson
MacFarlane, Nancy Hayes, d. Feb 16 1865, age: 66y 1m 2d, wife of Malcolm MacFarlane