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Eastern Townships Cemeteries > Stanstead County > Hanson Howe Kilburn Cemetery


Hanson-Howe-Kilburn Cemetery
Barnston, Stanstead County, Quebec

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Location:  From Barnston take Route 141 toward Ayers Cliff. Watch for  Madore or Wheeler Roads on your left. Either will get you to the cemetery which is actually off Wheeler Road near the junction of Madore and Wheeler. 

This cemetery way down in the field a long way from Wheeler Road. There is no access to it unless you get permission from local farmers. If you decide to visit this cemetery you should go in spring or fall when you will not be a problem crossing the crop fields.  This old cemetery is being restored by the Barnston Heritage Cemetery Corporation. I saw evidence of some stone repair but it is still tricky walking as there are several woodchuck holes and uneven ground and broken stones. The earliest headstone appears to be 1810 and the latest is 1890. Some stones are illegible.


I visited this cemetery and did a complete recording of all existing and legible headstones in October 2012.Leslie Nutbrown []

Total records = 33

??, ?, aged: 18y 3m
??, Susannah, no dates
Cleveland, Lydia, d. 14 Jul 1870, aged 68y 2m, wife of Lewis Hanson
English, Joseph W., d. 25 Feb 1843, aged 2y, 16m, 18d, son of James & Mary
Hanson, Austin, d. 5 Sep 1849, age: 8m 2d, son of Lewis & Lydia
Hanson, ?, d. 1826

Hanson, Laura A.; daughter of Lewis & Lydia

Hanson, Lewis, d. 31 Jan 1871, aged 72y 9m 6d, husband of Lydia Cleveland
Hanson, Nahum, , son of Lewis & Charry, d. 2 Feb 1826, aged 3yrs
Hanson, Norman; son of Lewis, d. Jan 1825, aged 2 yrs

Hanson, Wilder A., d. 31 Aug 1872, aged 21 yrs
Hawes, Ursula, b. 1803, d. 1890, wife of Otis Kilburn
Hollister, Eliza, d. 4 May 186?, aged 61yrs, wife of Ebenezer Kilburn
Hollister, Nathaniel, d. 15 Mar 1839, aged 67 yrs
Hollister, Prudence, wife of Jonas Howe, d. 7 Sep 1852

Hollister, Sally, d. 23 Oct 1866, age 65y 6m
Howe, Jonas, d. 5 Apr 1855, aged 58y 1m
Howe, Sarah J., d. 14 May 1856, aged 21 yrs, daughter of J. & P.
Humphrey, Dorothy, no dates
Humphrey, Samuel A., d. 14 Feb 1869, aged 74y 2m
Kilburn, Ebenezer, d. 2 Mar 1824
Kilburn, Ebenezer, d. 5 Apr 1863, aged 65y 5m 24d, husband of Eliza Hollister
Kilburn, Honestus, d. 15 Oct 1864, aged 26 yrs

Kilburn, Josiah, d. 27 Jan 1859, aged 65y 5m
Kilburn, Otis, b. 1804, d. 1881, husband of Ursula Hawes
Lane, Elizabeth A.; d. 23 Nov 1883, aged 10 yrs, daughter of Thomas & Valeda, (no stone)

Lovejoy, Hollis, d. 1843, son of Jerry & Salome
Lovejoy, Jerry, d. 28 Feb 1862, aged 73y, 1m 11d
Lovejoy, Salome, d. 11 Nov 1852, aged 51y 27d, wife of Jerry
Plumley, Lucy, b. 1790, d. 1862, wife of Levi Sanborn
Sanborn, Levi, b. 1780, d. 1842, husband of Lucy Plumley
Sanborn, Nathaniel;d. 12 Dec 1810

Walker, Clarinda, d. 5 Jan 1865, aged 67y 2m, wife of Samuel Humphrey