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Doak Cemetery
Compton County, Quebec

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Location: From the town of Compton, take Hatley Road (Chemin d'Hatley) Route 208 about a mile and then take Dion Road on your left. Continue on this gravel road. You will cross under a railway overpass and the cemetery is not far from here on your left.

Notes: The land for this cemetery was donated and dedicated for use as a cemetery by Abigail and Robert Doak, in memory of their son George W. Doak in 1829.

This cemetery was repaired by members of the Doak family at their own expense. It was fenced off and is bordered by a farmer's field. A wall made of brick was erected in 1983 and the old stones embedded in the wall. Some of the bricks in the wall have begun to crumble already.

We visited this cemetery in July of 2005, transcribing from all existing and legible tombstones or markers.

Leslie & Susan Nutbrown (
Total Records: 20

Crosby, Abigail, d. 4 Jul 1885, age: 92yrs, wife of Robert Doak
Crosby, Alonzo O., b. 1818, d. 9 Aug 1887, age: 69y 7m 5d
Crosby, Ebenezer, d. 30 May 1836, age: 83yrs
Doak, George Robert, b. June 1910, d. Aug 1986
Doak, George W., d. 14 Nov 1829, age: 2y 7m 11d, This ground was given and consecrated for a cemetery in memory of our beloved son, son of Robert & Abigail
Doak, James, d. 9 Jul 1891, age: 76y 8m, s/w & husband of E. A. Spafford
Doak, Lawrence M., d. 14 Dec 1885, age: 8m 6d, aon of W.H. & M.L. Doak
Doak, Leroy Edgar, d. 29 Jan 1878, age: 19y 1m 10d, son of Oliver and Julia
Doak, Lucius F., d. 16 Dec 1853, age: 5m 23d, son of James & Elizabeth
Doak, Oliver A., d. 19 Mar 1894, age: 77y 8m 24d
Doak, William R., d. 7 Apr 1882, age: 63y 8m 29d
Doak, William, d. 30 May 1848, age: 10 days, son of James & Elizabeth
Elliott, Asahel H., d. 10 Oct 1861, age: 36y 11m
Elliott, John D., d. 20 May 1878, age: 69y 7m
Elliott, Mary J., b. 1833, d. 1908, wife of Alonzo Crosby
Elliott, Mary, d. 26 Jan 1857, age: 48y 4m, wife of John D. Elliott
Huntington, Submit, d. 20 Sep 1846, age: 77yrs, wife of Thomas Huntington
Kingsbury, Mary A., b. 8 Apr 1817, d. 1 Jun 1903, wife of Edwin L. Crosby
Spafford, E. A., d. 10 Jan 1892, age: 78yrs, s/w & wife of James Doak
Stimpson, Julia, d. 1 Apr 1883, age: 55y 1m 17d, wife of Oliver Doak