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Currier Cemetery
Austin, Brome County, Quebec


Location: This family cemetery is situated on private property.


Notes: It was quite common for the early pioneers to bury on their own farmland, and this cemetery is situated on a piece of land probably settled by the Currier family. Since it is on private property, I have not visited it, so my listing is based on previously recorded material.


Joan Cruickshank   []

Total records: 10





d.   =   died

d/o =  daughter of

s/o =  son of

w/o = wife of


Colburn, Justin L.; no dates

Currier, Arvilla; d. 4 Mar 1848, age 3m 16d, d/o Benjamin & Nancy

Currier, Lyman; d. 20 Apr 1843, age 27 yrs

Currier, Mary; d. 18 Jun 1832, age 52 yrs

Currier, Nathan; d. 15 Dec 1888, age 80 yrs 3m

Currier, Walter N.; d. 5 Jul 1849, age 11m 2d, s/o Nathaniel & Sally S.

Currier, Warren; d. 15 May 1855, age 1 day, s/o Nathaniel & Sally S.

Currier, Willey W.; d. 4 Jun 1857, age 4 days, s/o Nathaniel & Sally S.

Hoyt, Polly; d. 18 Mar 1863, age 75y 4m, w/o Nason

Merry, Maurice C.; d. 28 Jul 1856, age 20 yrs, s/o J. & L.