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Bryant Cemetery
Austin, Brome County, Quebec

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Location: Out of Sherbrooke, Quebec, take the Eastern Townships Autoroute 10 West, to the St.-Benoit-Du-Lac exit (Exit # 115), then follow Route 112 East in the direction of Magog, Quebec, to the intersection of Route 112 and Chemin des Peres. Follow Chemin des Peres for about 6 miles. Chemin des Peres becomes Chemin Nicholas Austin when you reach the Austin townline, and once you reach the Austin townline, watch for Shuttleworth Road leading off to the right.


Notes: It was quite common for the early pioneers to bury on their own farmland, and this cemetery is situated on a plot of land that was once settled by Christopher Bryant 1st. Generations of Bryants, Browns, and Bowens are resting there. The cemetery ceased to be used in 1916 and fell into disrepair, until a few years ago, when some members of the more recent Bryant families decided to restore it. Today, it is maintained by the East Bolton Cemetery Association


When I visited the cemetery in the summer of 2005, I found that the brush had been cleared and the ground was covered with wild flowers. Most of the stones were broken and in bad condition, but they had been carefully placed on the ground and encased with wood. The cemetery is surrounded by a rail fence and it sits nestled amongst a wooded area in an open field.


Because I was not able to read these stones, I obtained a copy of the burials for this cemetery from the local archives. I am submitting this listing, based on the information I found in the files at the archives.



Joan Cruickshank   []

Total Records: 24

Bowen, ??, d. 31 Jul 1884, age 10 days, Infant s/o H.H. & H.E.
Bowen, Charlotte McCrillis, d. 5 Jan 1890, age 44y 2m 6d
Bowen, Ernest, d. 11 Feb 1887, age 19m 17d, s/o M. & C.
Bowen, Merrill, d. 28 Mar 1916, age 76y 9m
Bowen, Ora E., d. 8 Feb 1889, age 15y 6m 27d, s/o M. & C.
Bowen, Roy, d. 29 Sep 1883, age 6 mo., s/o M. & C.
Brown, Alice Edna, d. 6 Aug 1874, age 2y 6m 24d, d/o W.R. & Hattie
Brown, Estella H., d. 1 Sep 1865, age 8y 3m 9d, d/o S.G. & E.
Brown, Louretia Adams, d.22 Dec 1888, age 53 yrs, w/o I.
Bryant, Abigail Gilman, d. 8 Aug 1902, age 70y 4m 5d, w/o J. S.
Bryant, Calista Packard, d. 10 Apr 1881, age 71y 11m 23d, w/o Holsey
Bryant, Christopher C., d. 27 Jan 1892, age 82y 5m
Bryant, Christopher, d. 12 May 1858, age 82 yrs
Bryant, Holsey, d. 1887, age 7?
Bryant, Jane Kinsman, d. 3 Aug 1874, age 39 yrs, w/o Charles
Bryant, Sarepta Geer, d. 22 Apr 1866, age 55y 9m, w/o Christopher C.
Bryant, Trythena, d. 14 Sep 1855, age 68 yrs, w/o Christopher
Bryant, Walter H., d. 10 Dec 1874, age 4y 6m 3d, s/o May W. & Hamiel
Hastings, Nehemiah, (broken stone)
Hastings, William Timothy, d. 23 Jul 1880, age 5y 1m 11d, s/o Timothy S. & ??
Kinsman, Calista Bryant, b. 1841, d. 1915, w/o F.I.
Pearsons, Earl L., d. Jan 1889, age 10m, 20d, s/o ?? & Zoa
Smith, ??, d. 26 Apr 1861, age 3 yrs
Smith, Annis Judd, d. 23 Jun 1890, age 73y 8m, w/o Hugh
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