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Brown Cemetery
Tomifobia, Stanstead County, Quebec

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From Ayers Cliff take Route 141 East. Just at the edge of town take Boynton Road (gravel road on your right). About halfway between Boynton and Tomifobia watch for Amy Road on your right. Turn on this road and continue for a couple of kilometers. 

The cemetery sits back from the road on the right side in what was once called Amy Corner. There is a right of way to the cemetery so you would not be crossing private property although you have to drive or walk through the field.

The cemetery appears to have begun around 1812 and likely named after Capt. John Brown. The cemetery was restored some years ago and the headstones were arranged in two parallel rows set in cement.

I think the original boundaries of this cemetery were larger at one time. The last burial appears to be in 1931. It has a fence and gate and maintained by the Crystal Lake Cemetery Company.

Susan Nutbrown and I walked and read this cemetery in May of 2005.


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Total records = 46

Bagley, Betsey M., d. 1 Jun 1882, aged 38y 11m, daughter of John F. & Lydia (Dustin) Bagley
Bagley, John F., d. 19 Dec 1890, aged 80 yrs
Baker, Sarah A., d. Feb 1882, wife of Moses Ticehurst
Brown, C. Baker; b. 18 Jun 1889, d. 7 Jan 1904
Brown, C. W., b. 11 Dec 1818, d. 16 Aug 1908
Brown, Capt. John; d. 4 Feb 1843, aged 62 yrs
Brown, Chester L., d. 185?, son of C. W. & Nancy
Brown, Cornelia S., d. 9 Sep 1852, aged 9m, daughter of John & Elizabeth
Brown, Cynthia A., d. 15 Sep 1842, daughter of Ozias G. & Margaret
Brown, Elizabeth A., d. 17 Apr 1847, aged 1 yr, daughter of John & Elizabeth
Brown, Hepzibah; d. 9 Mar 1843, aged 61 yrs, wife of John
Brown, J. Newborn; b. 21 Jan 1852, d. 6 Jun 1898
Brown, John G., d. 17 Mar 1866, aged 64 yrs
Brown, John; d. 12 Sep 1812, aged 2y 5d, son of John & Hepzibah
Brown, Margaret; d. 10 Jul 1857, aged 48y 5m 18d, wife of O. G. Brown
Brown, Mary M., b. 16 Jan 1819, d. 23 Oct 1898, wife of Spencer Ticehurst
Brown, Otis W., b. 1845, d. 1931, husband of Lizzie Smith
Brown, Ozias G., b. 27 Mar 1806, d. 25 Dec 1901
Brown, Walter; b. 23 Nov 1880, d. 29 May 1885, son of O. W. & L. S.
Davis, Cynthia B., d. 3 May 1838, aged 14 yrs, daughter of William H. & Betsey P.
Davis, Jane C., b. 22 Sep 1832, d. 20 Jul 1877, wife of Moses Ticehurst Jr.
Dustin, Lydia; d. 5 Jan 1878, aged 62y 6m, wife of J. F. Bagley
Glines, Hannah B., d. Feb 1881, aged 85y 6m 23d, wife of Zeb Hunt
Hopkins, Harriet M., b. 4 Jul 1807, d. 23 Apr 1879, widow of Lothrop Shirtleff & wife of Osias G. Brown
Hunt, Samuel B., d. 14 Oct 1860 Lawrence, Mass., aged 21y 3m, son of Horace & Fidelia
Hunt, Zebulon; d. 7 Jan 1871, aged 82y 8m
Hurst, Marion E., b. 18 Sep 1837, d. 18 Oct 1917, widow of Robert Nelson & wife of C. W. Brown
Nelson, Elizabeth; d. 13 May 1882, aged 43y 5m 7D, wife of A. Aitken
Nelson, Jennie G., d. 5 Apr 1867, aged 11m 21d, dau of R. & M. D.
Nelson, Robert E., b. 11 Mar 1868, d. 7 Mar 1871
Nelson, Robert; d. 10 Feb 1875, aged 70y 9m
Orr, Janet; d. 4 Sep 1861, aged 43y 6m, wife of Hugh Nelson
Rickard, Alberta L., d. 7 Apr 1888, daughter of Simeon & Almira L.
Rickard, Emily C., d. 7 Apr 1861, aged 20y 3m 3d, daughter of Simeon & Almira L.
Rickard, Mary A., d. 9 Mar 1865, daughter of Simeon & Almira L.
Rickard, Simeon M., d. 30 Apr 1863, aged 16y 3m 3d, son of Simeon & Almira L.
Shurtleff, Nancy; b. 20 Sep 1818, d. 21 Apr 1861, wife of C. W. Brown
Smith, Lizzie L., b. 1853, d. 1927, wife of Otis Brown
Ticehurst, Allen; d. 30 Jul 1859, aged 27y 13d
Ticehurst, George H., d. 9 Aug 1852, son of Moses & Jane
Ticehurst, Izora F., d. 5 Apr 1855, aged 5 yrs, daughter of S. & M. M.
Ticehurst, Moses Jr., b. 21 Jul 1822, d. 29 Mar 1890, husband of Jane Davis
Ticehurst, Moses; d. 19 Mar 1871
Ticehurst, Samuel S., d. 14 Sep 1852, aged 18m, son of S. & M. M.
Ticehurst, Spencer; b. 10 Jann 1821, d. 14 Feb 1910, husband of Mary M. Brown
Ticehurst, William M., d. 5 Sep 1852, aged 2y 1m, son of Moses & Jane