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Baldwin Wheeler Cemetery
Barnston, Stanstead County, Quebec

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Location:  Lat: 45 05' 25"N, Lon: 71 52' 34"W

From the town of Barnston, take the Baldwin-Barnston Road toward Baldwin Mills. After a few kilometers watch for a road on your left called Tremblay Road (Chemin Tremblay). The cemetery is right at this junction on your right and can be seen from the road if you look in the right place. 

This small cemetery with its quaint tombstones is completely surrounded by pastureland. The cemetery is fenced off but cattle are nearby. 

This cemetery has been around for almost 200 years with the earliest tombstone dating from 1814. The last burial here was in 1933. It is maintained by the Barnston Heritage Cemetery Corporation but is mowed only once a year and at the time I visited, the grass was long and there were quite a few raspberry bushes in among the tombstones.

There were also many hidden slabs and markers making for difficult walking. Use caution if walking in here. Judging from these field stones and markers there are quite a few more burials here than I was able to record.

I walked and read this cemetery on Oct 25, 2007 and made a complete recording from all legible tombstones. There were several monuments unreadable.

 Leslie Nutbrown    []

Total Records: 24

Baldwin, Carl F., b. 15 Apr 1857, d. 11 Apr 1921
Baldwin, Charlie; d. 7 Jun 1848, son of E. W. & S. A.
Baldwin, Fred H., b. 22 Oct 1854, d. 10 Jun 1912
Baldwin, Frederick W., d. 2 Feb 1877, aged 53 yrs
Baldwin, Jennie E., b. 13 Mar 1863, d. 1 Aug 1925, wife of George B. Hall
Baldwin, Lotes; d. 1 Jan 1858, aged 75y 5m
Baldwin, Sarah; d. 6 Jan 1851, wife of Lotes
Barford, Abigail; b. 23 Oct 1827, d. 13 Jun 1885, aged 58 yrs
Bowen, Lucy A., d. 5 Jul 1847, aged 24 yrs, wife of Frederick

Buckland, Lucy; d. 3 ? 1824, wife of ? Buckland
Cilley, Beulah M., b. 1892, d. 1897
Cilley, Claud V., b. 19 May 1864, d. 15 Feb 1900
Fletcher, Elsie J., b. 6 Aug 1831, d. 7 Apr 1908, wife of Joseph Hall
Hall, Clara; d. 6 Mar 1894, aged 5d, daughter of George & Jennie
Hall, George B., b. 21 Dec 1852, d. 13 Aug 1933
Hall, Joseph; b. 15 Apr 1829, d. 10 Sep 1911
Hall, Lewis D., b. 19 Jan 1857, d. 16 Feb 1895
Tapland, Polly; d. 30 May 1853, aged 69y 3m, wife of Augustus
Taylor, Sarah A., d. 9 Jun 1906, aged 76 yrs, wife of F. W. Baldwin
Wheeler, Albert; d. no dates, son of Sylvester & Martha, stone is sunk
Wheeler, Horace; d. 16 ? 1856
Wheeler, Lewis; d. 14 Jun 1880, aged 64y 10m
Wheeler, Norman J., d. 8 Sep 1852, aged 23y 2m, son of L & H.
Wheeler, Squire; d. 4 May 1814, aged 24y