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Ayer's Flat Pioneer Memorial Cemetery
Ayer's Cliff, Stanstead County, Quebec

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Location:  Ayer's Cliff is a town at the south end of Lake Massawippi, once known as Ayer's Flat. It is about 15 miles from the Vermont border. Follow Route 143 from Vermont or from Sherbrooke. At Burrough's Falls take Route 141 West a couple of miles into Ayer's Cliff. The cemetery is located on Tyler Street in the middle of town.

Notes: This was the site of the first cemetery in town and the remaining stones have been put inside a brick wall along with a monument with names of the early settlers. 

I visited this cemetery in November  2009.

Leslie Nutbrown  []
Total Records: 26

Ayer, Lewis,

Ayer, Mary (Hovey),

Ayer, Wilbur,

Bacon, Anna, b. 11 Mar 1796, d. 22 Sep 1881, wife of Benedict Tyler

Bacon, Daniel Jr., d. 4 Oct 1813 age 40 yrs

Bacon, Ferdinand, d. 23 Feb 1855, age 3y 10m, son of Moses & Lucinda

Bickford, Edwin, d. 1838

Bickford, Kezia, d. 28 Jun 1856, age 79 yrs, wife of John

Boynton, Cordelia, 1854-1859

Haines, Edwin, d. 1838

Henry, Maud Ella, d. 24 Apr 1879, age 3y 3m, daughter of Edgar & Louisa

Hovey, Ebenezer, 1768-1849

Hovey, Jane, 1825-1836

Hovey, Mary (Cox),

Hovey, Polly, d. 13 Jul 1849, age 61yrs, wife of Ebenezer

Martin, A., d. 1859

Martin, E. Squire, d. 4 Mar 1849, age 14yrs, son of Benjamin & Isabella

Martin, Verjenia F.,  d. 17 Jan 1859, age 1yr 1m

Morse, Sarah, d. 2 Oct 1874, age 58yrs, wife of James McGregor

Mosher, Peter, 1824-1882

Robinson, James, 1787-1869

Robinson, Mary (Sweeney), 1804-1870

Tyler, Benedict,  d. 9 Apr 1874, age 77yrs, blacksmith

Tyler, Fernando, 1860-1944

Tyler, Kate, 1862-1943

Tyler, Ozro & his wife,